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$ 378.00
The HM Digital HydroMaster HM-500 monitors pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature with very high accuracy. This instrument can be calibrated with various buffer solutions, and is equipped with automatic buffer recognition for user convenience. The touch-screen LCD makes it user friendly and features automatic light...
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$ 25.99
The Torch Lighter of all Torch Lighters by far is going to be the BS-600 series. This torch lighter is good for either personal use or home use. With its powerful torch flame you will have no trouble heating up your titanium nails, all sorts of skillets, and will reduce...
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$ 14.99
Crafted from high grade silicone, these specialized holsters can be strategically placed around the diameter of water pipes so that lighters can be attached to them. Each assorted color band comes in two pieces that are fully adjustable to meet the required dimensions of your desired water pipe.   Lighter...
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$ 15.99
Choose from a variety of different smoking stones for your customers. The stones are designed to hold your medication stick on one end and take puffs from the other end. No more wet paper from lips and no more burning your finger once the medication stick gets small.   Length:...
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$ 7.99
The Medium Wood Grinder creates the most efficient and fastest way to break down dense organics into a manageable consistency. This exclusive grinder is hand finished and designed by hand. The grinder features material made from hard wood and recycled material. The wood grinder also features a non-magnetic closure on...
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$ 283.45
The Nutradip GROWBOSS is a constant monitoring meter that indicates the exact levels of nutrient strength, pH and temperature. Constant monitoring allows for the adjustment and optimization of each parameter as the crop progresses through each growth cycle. The GROWBOSS display receives information from three input devices, each monitoring and...
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This hand made book box is a great stash box along with being a great addition to a Stationary...
$ 150.00
THE ONLY ROLLING TRAY YOU WILL EVER NEED. This kit includes everything you need for an efficient ritual. Having everything in one place keeps your coffee table or desk organized and clean. Having all the parts magnetically attached to the tray makes the Stashtray effortless to use. It's like a...
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